Floor Plan

A Mass Communitcation.

LSAD Gallery.

April 30th to May 5th 2015.

Featured Video by Christan Jankowski.


Angelus Videos

  1. Aishling McGrory, Ian Tully.
  2. Katie Boner, Daire O’Shea.
  3. Shane Cunningham, Amanda Dunsmore.
  4. Mellina Van Der Valk, Laura Poff.
  5. Rachel Fogarty, Jake Casey.
  6. Henneke Andreae, Kieran Grace, Rachel Myles.
  7. Alex Holzinger, Ethan O’Brien.
  8. Peter Morgan, Cira Huwald.


  1. Notebook, Spanish Market, Mellina Van der Valk.
  2. Bed,Brassil, Aileen Nix.
  3. Aircraft Safety Glass Ring, WW2, Henneke Andreae.
  4. Assemblage, Glorious Mysterious, Mary Nagle.
  5. Slate, Junk yard, Padraig O Connor.
  6. Crucifix, Family home, Pat Wallis.
  7. Collage, Chairty shop college, Tim O Neil.
  8. Bono Stone, Bono’s House, Rosin Lewis.
  9. Prayer Book, The Lives of Saints, Mary Nagle.
  10. Italia 90 Milk Bottle, Neighbour, Seana Conway.
  11. Magazine Salvage, Edward Jenning’s Home, Stephan Roche.
  12. Coat, 70’s America, Caoimhe MacAllister.
  13. Magazine Salvage, Edward Jenning’s home, Stephan Roche.
  14. Found Objects, From here to Myanmar, Peter Morgan.
  15. Mary, Abandoned house, Aileen Nix.
  16. Mixed Media, Feeding the Multitude, Mary Nagle.
  17. Staff and Scroll, Limerick, Alex Holzinger.
  18. Valve, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, Daire O’Shea.
  19. Photographs, Exile, Annie Anglim.
  20. Binoculars- 19th Century, Camera- Spanish Civil War, Compass- Charity Shop, Celeste Cubero.
  21. Moss Cross, Smothering Origins, Eilish Murrihy.
  22. Metal and slate, Junk Yard, Padraig O’Connor.
  23. Nails, After The Fire, Peter Morgan.
  24. Found Object, Instant Relic, Peter Morgan.
  25. Tools, Brassil, Aileen Nix.
  26. Door & Deer, Edward Jenning’s Home, Stephen Roche.
  27. Via Crucis, Mary Nagle.
  28. Drawing, Badger, Henneke Andreae.
  29. Glove & Wire, In The Beginning, Mary Nagle.
  30. Lourdes Slides and 3D Viewer, Scarriff Collage, Tara Keegan.
  31. Projection, Mosel, Ian Tully.
  32. Wall Piece, Mercado De Sonora, Sean Taylor.
  33. Evil Eye Beads, Turkey, Sercan Sahin.
  34. Butter Foil, Fork & Knife, Last Supper, Mary Nagle.
  35. Note in Nut, Argentina, Gimena Blanco.
  36. Photographs, Butcher, Caoimhe Macallister.
  37. Organic Book, Gobekli Tepe Turkey, Sophie Gough.
  38. Statue, Black Priest, Alan Keane.
  39. Boat, Mount Shannon Clare, Tara Keegan.

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