A Mass Communication

The LSAD Gallery

Opening Thursday 1.30 pm 30th April


Roger Childs, head of Religious Programmes RTE

The Angelus

Seventeen films in response to a brief from Roger Childs in RTE, who was looking for new material for the one minute Angelus slot, which, as Roger Childs says, is ‘as much part of Irish cultural identity as the harp on your passport’.

Casting Jesus

A film by Christian Jankowski, courtesy of Lisson Gallery. Thirteen professional actors compete for the role of Jesus. A panel from the Vatican judges the actors as they complete a variety of tasks including, breaking bread, performing a miracle and carrying the cross.


Fragments of objects which have personal, historical or religious significance.

A Mass Communication is curated by lecturer Peter Morgan and students Daire O’Shea, Ian Tully and Melina Van Der Valk.


Floor Plan

A Mass Communitcation.

LSAD Gallery.

April 30th to May 5th 2015.

Featured Video by Christan Jankowski.


Angelus Videos

  1. Aishling McGrory, Ian Tully.
  2. Katie Boner, Daire O’Shea.
  3. Shane Cunningham, Amanda Dunsmore.
  4. Mellina Van Der Valk, Laura Poff.
  5. Rachel Fogarty, Jake Casey.
  6. Henneke Andreae, Kieran Grace, Rachel Myles.
  7. Alex Holzinger, Ethan O’Brien.
  8. Peter Morgan, Cira Huwald.


  1. Notebook, Spanish Market, Mellina Van der Valk.
  2. Bed,Brassil, Aileen Nix.
  3. Aircraft Safety Glass Ring, WW2, Henneke Andreae.
  4. Assemblage, Glorious Mysterious, Mary Nagle.
  5. Slate, Junk yard, Padraig O Connor.
  6. Crucifix, Family home, Pat Wallis.
  7. Collage, Chairty shop college, Tim O Neil.
  8. Bono Stone, Bono’s House, Rosin Lewis.
  9. Prayer Book, The Lives of Saints, Mary Nagle.
  10. Italia 90 Milk Bottle, Neighbour, Seana Conway.
  11. Magazine Salvage, Edward Jenning’s Home, Stephan Roche.
  12. Coat, 70’s America, Caoimhe MacAllister.
  13. Magazine Salvage, Edward Jenning’s home, Stephan Roche.
  14. Found Objects, From here to Myanmar, Peter Morgan.
  15. Mary, Abandoned house, Aileen Nix.
  16. Mixed Media, Feeding the Multitude, Mary Nagle.
  17. Staff and Scroll, Limerick, Alex Holzinger.
  18. Valve, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, Daire O’Shea.
  19. Photographs, Exile, Annie Anglim.
  20. Binoculars- 19th Century, Camera- Spanish Civil War, Compass- Charity Shop, Celeste Cubero.
  21. Moss Cross, Smothering Origins, Eilish Murrihy.
  22. Metal and slate, Junk Yard, Padraig O’Connor.
  23. Nails, After The Fire, Peter Morgan.
  24. Found Object, Instant Relic, Peter Morgan.
  25. Tools, Brassil, Aileen Nix.
  26. Door & Deer, Edward Jenning’s Home, Stephen Roche.
  27. Via Crucis, Mary Nagle.
  28. Drawing, Badger, Henneke Andreae.
  29. Glove & Wire, In The Beginning, Mary Nagle.
  30. Lourdes Slides and 3D Viewer, Scarriff Collage, Tara Keegan.
  31. Projection, Mosel, Ian Tully.
  32. Wall Piece, Mercado De Sonora, Sean Taylor.
  33. Evil Eye Beads, Turkey, Sercan Sahin.
  34. Butter Foil, Fork & Knife, Last Supper, Mary Nagle.
  35. Note in Nut, Argentina, Gimena Blanco.
  36. Photographs, Butcher, Caoimhe Macallister.
  37. Organic Book, Gobekli Tepe Turkey, Sophie Gough.
  38. Statue, Black Priest, Alan Keane.
  39. Boat, Mount Shannon Clare, Tara Keegan.

Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski,

Casting Jesus,

Courtesy of Lisson Gallery, 29 Bell Street, London NWI 5DA

Casting Jesus focuses on an audition to select an actor that best interprets the role of Jesus, judged by a jury of Vatican members.
Using a game show format, 13 professional actors compete for the role of Jesus. A distinguished panel: Monseñor José Manuel del Rio Carrasco, Vatican Priest; Sandro Barbagallo, Art Critic at the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper, and Massimo Giraldi, journalist and Secretary of the Commission for Film Classification of the Italian Bishop Conference, judge the actors as they complete a variety of tasks including, breaking bread, performing a miracle and carrying the cross, as well as dramatic interpretations of their favorite Jesus quotes. Filmed by Jankowski in the Complesso Santo Spirito in Sassia, Rome, and watched via live video stream by a separate audience of 300, the actors are gradually narrowed down to one finalist by the jury.
Jankowski questions how the Catholic Church perceives the artistic representation of Jesus today and how, in turn, this image is translated into modern media. The inspiration for the project came to Jankowski after he chanced upon the filming of The Passion of the Christ in Cinecittà in 2003. During a break in filming, Jankowski witnessed actor James Caviezel, dressed as Jesus and covered in artificial blood, with two priests coaching him to find the right spiritual and artistic expression for the part. Jankowski explains:
“I was inspired by this image and later, when watching The Passion of the Christ in the cinema, it fascinated me knowing James Caviezel’s acting had been informed by experts from within the Church. Director, Mel Gibson’s use of priests as co-directors was intriguing and I wanted to push this concept one step further by letting the Vatican themselves decide who Jesus is.”
In his work, Jankowski often investigates the status of particular film formats and television production, to question their different realities. Through his often humorous and ironic videos, films and performances, he critiques our image-based consumer society. In this new installation, art, religion, reality and fiction are interwoven, blurring the distinctions between each.
Jankowski’s works are ‘performances’ which engage often unsuspecting collaborators: televangelists, fortune-tellers, border guards and professional magicians innocently collude with him and become ‘co-authors’ of the final result. The collaborative nature of Jankowski’s practice is paramount as each participant unwittingly contributes his or her own texture to the work. There is as much emphasis on the journey as the destination, and the risks and chances inherent in Jankowski’s collaborations ultimately give surprising shape to the final works, whether these are photographs, paintings, sculptures or video installations. Jankowski as Director also encourages the viewer to become an active participant; allowing him or her to bring to the work their own expectations and preconceptions.

10.-JANKOWSKI_CastingJesus_01-copia                Indechs_Casting Jesus_Christian Jankowski2

Notes to editors
About the artist Christian Jankowski (b.1968) lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo presentations include: Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York (2010); Pump House Gallery, London (2010); BAWG Foundation, Vienna (2009); Public Art Fund, Central Park, New York (2008); Galerie Klosterfelde, Berlin (2008); Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2008); Neu Nationalgalerie, Berlin (2007), and Lisson Gallery, London (2006 and 2003). Group exhibitions include: Lisson Gallery, London (2009); ICA, Philadelphia (2008); Villa Manin Center for Contemporary Art, Codroipo, Italy (2008); Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington DC (2008), and Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati (2008). He has also participated in the 48th Venice Biennale, Venice (1999); Whitney Biennial, New York (2002); Turin Triennial, Turin (2005); PS1 Contemporary Arts Center, New York (2005); 17th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney (2010), and Taipei Biennial, Tapei (2010). Forthcoming exhibitions include Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2011); Biennial of Curitiba, Brazil (2011); Frieze Projects, London (2011); Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (2012), and Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Mexico City (2012).
About Complesso Santo Spirito Complesso Santo Spirito, Sassia, Rome, is an ancient hospital complex next to the Vatican and established by Pope Innocent III. Dating back to AD 727, it was traditionally a refuge centre for pilgrims arriving in Rome to visit the Apostle Peter’s tomb.
With special thanks to Valentina Ciarallo and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio who curated the performance, Christian Jankowski – Casting Jesus, in Complesso Santo Spirito on 25 February 2011.

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